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September 14, 2019 / Ten Nebula

Welcome to all visitors!


We are focused on assisting people from all over the globe with helpful and simple information & resources that will help them learn more about The Great Mother Goddess, her love vibration, her divine archetypes and ways to honor her.

We aim to reach people who are light & loveworkers, actively healing themselves, want to discover their life’s work and spiritual purpose, desire to strengthen their connection to the Source or who want to better humanity by first bettering themselves.

We want to help you to learn safe and healthy ways to connect with The Goddess Craft, Paganism, and Wicca.

How Can our site help you:

1. learn ways to connect with Goddess and your inner truth

2. learn healthy practices that can help you to ground & center

3. receive guidance on great resources

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(Photo credit: Ten Nebula / Women’s Building in SF)

June 14, 2017 / Ten Nebula

About Ten Nebula (Tanya Thomas)



Ten Nebula is a trained shaman, Reiki master, psychic, trance channel, and schooled doula. She also attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history.  She has been trained in many holistic health modalities. She believes in proactively healing one’s life in order to shed fears & disease states of being. Ten Nebula offers her healing work in the form of blogs, videos, and talks at this time. It is a goal of hers to write books on health and open a healing clinic in California.


Social Activist

Ten Nebula is a social activist who believes that in order for humanity to progress we must be FULLY aware of the issues we hold. She presents her activism in form of blogs, videos, and talks. Her major focuses are women’s issues, animal rights, and gay/transgender rights. Ten Nebula also donates to U.S. non-profits, nationwide, on the monthly & annual basis.


Environmentalist / Witch

Ten Nebula is an environmentalist. She donates to U.S. green non-profits every year. She participates in Earth day clean-ups. She strongly believes in the power of recycling and composting. She educates the public about ways to help the environment through her blogs, videos, and talks. Ten Nebula is also a white witch who honors and worships The Goddess, Nature, Gaia (the earth mother) and serves The Light / Divine Will.


Political Activist

Ten Nebula believes in the equality for all. She advocates for people to exercise their right to vote and be properly educated about the American systems (i.e. police, federal courts, making of laws, etc).  She also works towards rallying the U.S. government to make more U.S. companies/entities transparent and honest so the American people can BETTER relate to them. Ten Nebula has sued Facebook and 8 other U.S. companies over issues of racism, sexism, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.


Karma Yoga

Ten Nebula believes in karma yoga, donating, giving back, and volunteering as a way to find your purpose and to be of serve to the whole. She donates on the monthly and annual basis. She had volunteered at Earth day clean-ups, vegetarian festivals, holistic health centers and green festivals. She also gives back by offering to the public free blogs, free educational videos for years that are now recently monetized, and useful talks. She also gives back through her daily spiritual practice.



Ten Nebula is an artist who has been singing since she was in middle school, dancing since she was a child, modeling since she was a teenager, and discovered her love for acting as a young adult. She attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history. She also donates to art-based institution (like The Studio Museum of Harlem, Five Myles Gallery, etc.) on the annual basis. She has volunteered at art-based events like New York Cares Day & Celebrate Brooklyn Art Festival.

Ten Nebula is currently working on preparing her life for her next level as an artist in Hollywood where she will focus on writing, films, documentaries and her performing arts.


Learn more about Ten Nebula:

Her Education:

Her Artist site:


Thanks for visiting and supporting my work!!!!!


In love, light, and strength,

Ten Nebula (Tanya Thomas)

September 7, 2012 / Ten Nebula

Be sure to visit my other work

outdoor 1
Be sure to visit my other works, sites, and projects
they are on a variety of topics from
spiritualty to yoga to money to vegetarian living
all my work are geared towards light, healing, clearing, and growing
Visit my website
“Ten Nebula”
Visit my work site

“The Ten nebula Empire”

September 29, 2011 / Ten Nebula

Healing With Ten Nebula

Ten Nebula (The Trillionairess) is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer.

She creates works dedicated to The Great Mother Goddess and the light & love vibrations.


Ten Nebula Healing Space –

Ten Nebula Healing Space offers phone sessions, treatments, workshops, and trainings to help you to grow, heal, clear, expand and be happier.

We also offer monthly specials, so check out our online calendar. We offer healng work to local and nationwide clients.


Visit for more details.

Private Treatments –

Workshops & Classes –

July 8, 2011 / Ten Nebula

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June 5, 2011 / Ten Nebula

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May 2, 2011 / Ten Nebula

Connect with The Goddess in Your Everyday Life

This Site has been created to help more people learn about The Goddess Craft, Wicca, and Nature Worship.

The infomation is simple and clear.

By practicing these exercises, you will align with nature, your essential self, expand, and hold more light.

We wish for you to learn about wicca and paganism in safe, healthy ways.

We hope you enjoy the site and take what you need.

 Feel free to tell others about us.

We are all born from a woman and birthed from the Great womb.

And so it is!!!!!

Blessed be, Everyone
Ten Nebula


March 16, 2011 / Ten Nebula

Celebrate with Ritual & Ceremonies


Have Ritual & Ceremonies during the Lunar cycle, Solstices & Equinoxes

With Ritual, we create ceremony. Both ritual and ceremony are used to mark an occasion, rite of passage, transition, or event. It can be used to mark an ending or beginning, to ask for blessings or to release something from our lives. A great way to honor the goddess is to hold ceremonies during the new or full moon to offer her thanks, asked for blessings for one’s self or another, and to use intention to release and clear your space.

March 16, 2011 / Ten Nebula

Get Alternative Healing Work Often

It can help you to release negative patterns, beliefs, and energies in a shorter period of time.

*Healing work/Alternative therapy can be many things like

-massage, acupunture, colonic, psychic healing,

– spiritual counseling, reiki, spiritual bathes, shamanic work, etc.

For more info, visit “Healthier Living, Healthier Being” –


March 4, 2011 / Ten Nebula

Give Daily Thanks to The Goddess

This can recited everyday, during the new & full moons, during the equinoxes and solstices, or whenever you feel the need. Change it to fit you. Showing gratitude gets you more of that very same thing.

Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my perfect health
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my beautiful home
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my amazing friends and family
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for all the money in my life
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my perfect, ideal work
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my higher & divine self
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for being to help others everyday
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my for my wonderful life


Learn more, visit “Gratitude: The Art and Practice” –


December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Pray To The Goddess Everyday

Everything is in The Mother
Everything is The Mother
and The Mother is beyond everything.
The Light of The Goddess surrounds me
The Love of The Goddess enfolds me
The Power of The Goddess protects me
The Presence of The Goddess watches over me
Wherever I am, The Goddess is.
And so it is!!!!!!
Learn more, visit “The Miracle of Active Prayer” –

December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

The Goddess Basics

The Goddess Basics

(1) Directions

There are 12 directions: north, south, east, west, ne, nw, se, sw, above, below, within, without

(2) Elements
There are four elements: air, water, fire, earth
Listed are the Goddesses, numbers, seasons, times of day, moon cycles, directions and items you can place on your altar.

air rules – crone, 9, winter, night, new moon, north, incense
water rules – mother, 6, summer, mid-day, full moon, south, chalice
fire rules – maiden, 3, spring, morning, waxing moon, east, candles
earth rules – death mother, 12, autumn, afternoon, waning moon, west, crystals

(3) Seasons

(4) Colors

(5) Altar Items

(6) Numbers

(7) Herbs

(8) Divination

(9) crystals


Visit the recommended book section of this site to learn more about these topics.



December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Be First in Your Own Life

Come to The Goddess because your heart calls you to
not because someone else makes you.
Heal becase you want to be a better version of yourself.
Know that you create your own reality
and you must take care of yourself first before you can help others.
By being healthier and stronger, you can then help others from a clearer space.
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Use Positive Affirmations to Connect to The Goddess

The Goddess is my source
The Goddess is my foundation
The Goddess is my center
The Goddess is my life
The Goddess wants me to be happy
The Goddess loves me
The Goddess gives me power
I am grounded in the Goddess’s goodness
I find safety in The Goddess
I am the light of The Goddess
I am the perfection of The Goddess
I am the truth of The Goddess
I am blessed by The Goddess
I live and laugh within The Goddess
I am lead on a clear and perfect path by The Goddess
I trust fully in the Goddess
The Goddess is all there is


December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Create a Daily Spiritual Practice

Having a daily spiritual practice helps us to stay grounded, at peace, mindful, aware of ourselves, healthy, conected to our divine source and the truth of our experiences. It can help us to clear, heal, and hold more light. Your daily spiritual practice can be 5 minutes to 1 hour long. It can use sound, movement, stillness, and whatever else feels right to you. It can be done in the morning or in the evening but doing it in the morning helps you to prepare better for the day ahead. Your daily spiritual practice can be done alone, with a partner or in a group of like-minded people.Some practices we can use daily are:
1. prayerwork
2. yoga
3. meditation
4. altarwork
5. toning
6. singing
7. chanting
8. visualizations
9. stretching
10. walking
11. running
To learn more, visit
Spiritual Awareness: Cultivating A Daily Spiritual Practice”
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Be Open to Learning in All its Forms……

In paganism and in most religions or faiths,
there can be alot of ego.
People may think they know everything
and what is best for you.
Be opening to learning for yourself what is best for you.
Be your own self-authority.
Feel things out with your heart
and follow your own intution.
Know that you and know one else knows everything
and there is always more.
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Chose The Path of Light or Dark

There is positive magic and negative  magic.
There is a right path and a left path.
You can take either path you wish.
A lot of people on the planet, do gray magic.
Where they say they are doing good or positive vthings but do negative things whenever they are unaware, angry, vendictive, etc.
It is an unclear and slow path because when you try to do both then you get no where.
The Goddess is all-inclusive and either light or dark paths leads back to her .
Chose one.
And intend to honor both sides of duality.
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Attend Various Pagan Gatherings and Circles

If you are new to paganism or The goddess,
then check out the events in your area
to see what is out there.
Be playful and enjoy yourself.
You will learn about what is available
and then be more discerning about what is best for you.
****Special note: Get healthy psychic barriers beforehand to avoid negative oocurances at theses events
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Be Clear About What You Want

Be clear about what you want from the Goddess
and why you want to know her
– to get a closer connection to her
– to be healthy
– to honor yourself more
– to align with nature
– to make more money
– to be in her service
– to help humanity
– or all of the above
– etc.
Learn more, visit “How to Create What You Love, Want, & Enjoy” –
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Learn Psychic Tools for Protection

There are a variety of tools you can use for healthy boundaries.
Healthy Barriers and Healthy Boundaries tools (aka psychic protection) can help you:
 1. keep our aura clear
2. keep your home clear
3. have a lighter dreamtime
4. keep your body for your own energy
5. keep your body free of foreign energies
6. keep lower demons energies out of your home
7. keep clear psychic agreements with others
8. stand in your own power and authority
9. speak your truth
10. be more self-expressive
11. strengthen your connection to your higher and divine self
12. stay more connected to source
13. keep your life clear of illusionsWhat Happens When you Don’t Have Healthy Boundaries (aka psychic protection)
1. You feel sensitive to everything around you
2. You allow other people’s energy into your aura and body
3. You take on others beliefs and habits
4. You feel seperated from the source and great energy
5. You get tired more often
6. You make unclear agreements with others
7. You may see and receive info that does not serve you
8. You become more susceptible to lower vibrational energies & demons coming into your body, aura, home, and dreamtime
9. You will visit lower (fear-based) astral planes during dreamtime
10. You allow & attract lower vibrational people and situations into your life*
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Speak Your Truth and Be Self-Expressive

Speak your truth
Be self-expressive
Speak your mind
Be self-assertive
Speak your heart
Be compassionate
speak with kindness
Speak when others are silent
Speak from a place of  light
because when you speak your truth it will serve your highest good
and those around you
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Honor Yourself, Honor Your Path

Make the intention each day to honor, respect, and value yourself.
Honor your body
Honor your truth
Honor your path
Honor your freedom
Honor your intuition & feelings
Honor your source
and to do the same for others
Intend to  self-loving, self-trusting, self-accepting, self-valuing, and self-respecting
Learn more, visit “Love, The Love Vibration, and Love Workers” –
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Get to know Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Guardian Angel (your Team)


We are all connected and we all live in an infinitely abundant universe. There is always support and help when we need it. The universe is kind and loving and wants what is best for all involved. As human beings, when we come onto the planet in our physical form, we are given divine assistance in the forms of a higher self,Divine self, guardian angel, and spirit guides of light. They all work together in a team. They help us attract the best things to us, to get clear, to heal oursleves, to face our fears, to be healthier & happier, to expect good things to happen to us, and to fulfill our life’s work & spiritual purpose in this lifetime. Our spiritual family of divine light loves us. They are present always but we have to call on them when we need them. Since they work with the Divine light and Divine plan, they act out of truth and they honor our free will.

Your spiritual family of Divine Light (higher self, divine self, and spirit guides) will never force themselves on you, try to take your energy, allow you to develop co-dependent relationships with them, or abuse you in any way. They are here to help you and assist you with developing the highest and healthiest life possible.

Make the intention to get to know your spiritual family of divine light and to utilize their help in your daily life.

1. Your Higher or Christ Self
2. Your Divine Self
3. Your Spirit Guides of Divine Light
4. Your Power Animals of Divine Light

5. Guardian Angel


Learn more, visit “The Magic of Shamanism” –


December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

For Advance teachings on The Goddess……

Visit my other Goddess site
“The Ways of The Goddess” –
“Mythology of the Goddess”
Goddess Mystery School with Priestess Ten nebula
“I am…The Great Mother Goddess” –
Subscribe to my Goddess Youtube Channel
December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Recommended Books on The Goddess & Her Craft

The Goddess has power over all things. From the ancient times, she and women have always been the first to cultivate our studies over many aspects of lives like healing, astronomy, childbirth, and agriculture.

The Goddess has always ruled love, beauty, shamanism, midwifery, belly dancing, herbology, crystals, tantric sexuality, nurturance, creativity, expansion, wholistic wellness & being, the great cycles, menstrual blood, sacred darkness, the Earth, protection, the waters, grain and wine, and milk.


Woman’s Sexual Passages by Elizabeth Davis
When The Drummers were Women By Layne Redmond
Witches, Midwives, and Nurses By Barbara Ehrenreich
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene By Jean-Yves Leloup
The language of The Goddess By Marija Gimbutas
Blood, Bread, and Roses By Judy Grahn
The Chalice and The Blade By Riane Eisler
Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves By Sarah Pomeroy
365 Goddess By Patricia Telesco

Goddess Mythology

Myths of the Female Divine Goddess by Leeming & Page
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
The Mist of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Women Who Run with the Wolves By Clarissa P. Estees
The Double Goddess By Vicki Noble
The Great Cosmic Mother By Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor
When God was a Woman By Merlin Stone
Goddess: Myths of the Feminine Divine By David Leeming
The Once and Future Goddess By Elinor Gadon
Dark Mother: African Origins By Lucia Birnbaum


The Spiral Dance By Starhawk
The Goddess Celebrates By Diane Stein
Positive Magic By Marion Weinstein
The Path of the Priestess By Sharon Rose
Drawing Down the Moon By Margot Adler
The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries By Z Budapest
The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets By Barbara Walker




Learn more, visit “The Ten Nebula Resource Library” –


December 11, 2010 / Ten Nebula

Contact Information

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Ten Nebula is a Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Artist of The Goddess
Find me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.


This site is dedicated to the health, well-being, balance, joy and abundance of angel Kyodo williams as a person, teacher, and spiritual leader. May all aspects of her life be blessed with light

Bright Blessings To All!!!!!